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Can Chaps

Can Chaps

Our new Can Chaps are finally here!  This product is a suppressor cover with a different material than we have found in any other suppressor cover on the market.  The inner layer in direct contact with the suppressor is very tacky and when tightened onto the suppressor and completely eliminates movement.  This material is high temperature rated (1800 degrees F) so it will not melt even when your suppressor gets extremely hot.  We've tested these for one mag dump on a small frame AR without any sort of issue.  This product is primarily intended for precision rifle applications.   


Elimination of movement on the suppressor was our number one goal!  We don't use hook and loop material that tends to wear out over time when constantly being used nor do we have bungee lacing all over the cover trying to squeeze it onto your suppressor.  


The biggest advantage with our product is that it will not move on your suppressor.  It is also very streamlined and non-bulky giving it a very clean look.  We believe you'll find these new Can Chaps to compete extremely well against any other suppressor cover on the market today.  

  • Installation

    The end of the Can Chap with the little bit of red high temperature rated material is the "front" and the end with the cordura folded over is the "back" of the product.  

    Follow the instructions provided with the product and ensure your firearm is unloaded and safe prior to installing the Can Chap.  Installation onto your suppressor is best accomplished with the suppressor already on the barrel so you know where the bottom is oriented.

    A small air gap may be present down the length of the Can Chap when fully installed.  This is a small manufacturing issue due to how these are made.  We do our best to make the long edges meet entirely but a minor difference in sewing may leave a small air gap.  The function of the Can Chap is not affected.  

  • Making your Can Chap

    Each Can Chap is custom fit to the suppressor diameter and length.  When ordering, please tell us the  diameter and length of your suppressor in the order Notes as well as the brand name and model.  

    When measuring the length, do NOT cover any muzzle brake portion that some suppressors have at the front.

    We don't have measurements on every suppressor on the market, so we need specific measurements for your particular product.  Thank you!

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